New Cimbali M24 offers pubs best of both worlds

2 September, 2014

Cimbali, the world’s largest coffee machine manufacturer has launched the M24 Select, a new traditional espresso machine for the pub sector with a significant point of difference – it can be used with fresh coffee beans and a grinder or with ready to go Espresso Point Capsules for complete flexibility.

We all know that Cimbali traditional espresso machines make the best coffee going (dependent on the skills of the barista of course).  But a traditional machine is not always the best option given the application,especially in lower demand locations where the coffee in the grinder is likely to be stale by the time the customer gets to drink it.    Take, for example, a pub where coffee volumes are typically low and where there is often no trained barista in the house.  Cimbali’s new M24 Select espresso machine provides an ideal solution because it offers all the scope of a traditional machine but to simplify the whole coffee making process it can also be used with Espresso Point Capsules with minimal training required.

The coffee in the capsule is ground to perfection, predosed, pre-tamped and  hermetically sealed at optimum pressure for maximum freshness.   The M24 is simple to operate, just press a button and the machine does all the work, delivering a delicious, freshly brewed coffee every time. Once finished the capsule is discarded. A grinder can be introduced as demand increases by just a change of handle, no modifications are required to the machine.

“This compact two group machine offers the best of both worlds.  As a traditional espresso machine with a grinder it will deliver a single shot of espresso to a consistent level or it can be used with capsules on quieter days and still deliver a great freshly brewed espresso,” said Matthew Tuffee, Cimbali.

“The option to vary the brew method gives the operator complete flexibility and will usually be influenced by the skills of the staff working that day and the volumes of coffee likely to be served,” said Matthew.

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