Why Christmas will be extra special for Steeve this year …

13 December, 2023

What is the best part of the working week for you?

It’s the diversity of the job that I really enjoy, along with the opportunity of working with so many Cimbali customers.

Every day is a learning opportunity. One day I can be with a customer, installing a machine and training the barista team on how to get the best out of it. Another time I could be organising and supporting an event. Or I may be in the warehouse, focused on deep cleaning and preventative maintenance on a specific machine. I love the variety of the working week.

You spend part of the week supporting the Slayer Brand, tell us about that

Being part of the Slayer team is a blessing as I really wanted to become immersed in the speciality coffee side of the industry.

I am very lucky to work with Rob Ward and Dan Fellows. They are incredibly well respected in the industry and I am learning so much about speciality coffee from them.

At the moment I am involved on the technical side, supporting customers with machine training which is always an absolute pleasure for me to do.  

Cimbali’s new M40 traditional espresso machine is creating a lot of interest on social media, what type of businesses will it appeal to in the UK?

The new M40 follows the design of the M200 and represents a whole new level of beauty in Cimbali traditional machines.

This machine will be perfect for larger bar and restaurant chains because the simplicity, quality, and consistency of Cimbali technology will deliver the best coffee going at a lower energy cost, especially when paired with our new G50 Grinder.

New dual boiler technology brings stability and temperature control to the next level. Plus, the extra boiler insulation reduces energy and water consumption to the minimum. 

With a sleek aluminium and steel design, the M40 is a thing of real quality. I love it!

Where do you think technology is heading and what is your vision for the next five years?

Our aim is to help the barista create great-tasting coffee, day in, day out and machine automation is becoming increasingly important in that respect.  

As technology advances, customers will enjoy their choice of coffee beans and milk texture from a bean to cup machine any time they choose, further closing the gap between the commercial and speciality coffee worlds. 

Replacing the barista is not the solution, helping them achieve coffee excellence is!

Are you looking forward to the Christmas break – how is Xmas celebrated in France?

I am extremely lucky to have a nice break at Christmas, and for the first time, I am proud to invite my parents to celebrate with me.

It sounds very simple but it means so much to me.

Until now, I’ve always spent Christmas with all my family, either at my grandparents or my parent’s house. It has always been a big gathering with my siblings, my cousins…  Nothing out of the ordinary, a simple family get-together, everyone smartly dressed for the day, around a big table full of amazing food.

We finish off with a beautiful French press coffee that everyone in my family has at home!

I’ve always seen my parents preparing everything for everyone. This year I want them to sit down, enjoy and let us take the baton. I’m only sorry I’ve not been able to do it before!

And this year we will finish off with my version of after-dinner coffee!

Contact: Steeve Gadby, Regional Sales Coordinator, Cimbali : steeve.gadby@cimbali.co.uk

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