Meet Laszlo Hollo: Regional Sales Co-Ordinator

6 November, 2023
Laszlo Hollo, Regional Sales Co-Ordinator, La Cimbali p

You’ve been with Cimbali for a couple of years now, what market changes have you seen in that time?

I joined Cimbali almost 4 years ago, just before the pandemic, which had an immediate and major impact on the out-of-home coffee market. However, demand for coffee swiftly picked up as soon as we returned to our normal daily routines.

The outlook is very positive, with sales forecast to surpass pre-pandemic levels by the end of the year. On the consumer side, we are seeing increasing interest in and preference towards sustainability, higher quality, and value for money.

Are customer expectations changing and if so, how is Cimbali meeting those challenges?

Our customers are looking to utilise technological advances, with speed and simplicity a focus these days.

Both our bean-to-cup and traditional lineups cater very well for this due to a range of automated functions: grinder adjustment, milk steaming/dispense, simple and automatic cleaning options. Speed of service is always a key priority and our equipment delivers exceptionally in this area too, of course.

What do you enjoy most about working in the coffee sector?

I very much like meeting knowledgeable, passionate people and the coffee industry has a lot of them. 

I equally enjoy learning something new from other coffee professionals and passing on knowledge, tips and tricks while delivering onsite training sessions for our customers.  

No two days are the same and it never gets boring. Being part of the fantastic team at Cimbali, where my colleagues are also my friends, is just the icing on the cake. 

What do you get asked most about when out visiting customers?

I always get asked a variety of questions. Most relate to the operation and cleaning of the equipment, but wanting to know how to make good latte art is also a frequent one.

I love being asked questions while I am visiting customers and running barista training – it shows enthusiasm and interest in operating and maintaining the machines correctly. Also, repeated queries help me to perpetually improve the content and delivery of my training sessions.

What is your favourite Cimbali machine and why?

That question is impossible to answer, because all our models are amazing, and I love them all.

The S30 is very close to my heart as this was the model I started my Cimbali career with. However, I am absolutely in love with the S60 and the M200. The barista-friendly design, reliability, versatility, and technological support available to customers is out of this world. 

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