Cimbali UK cleaning guide of the S39 CP – Superautomatic Espresso Machine

29 May, 2014

Cimbali UK demonstrates in this video just how easy it is to clean the S39 CP using Ecojetsan cleaning fluid, Ecocleaner tablets, cleaning box and cleaning brushes.

The S39 Barsystem is a machine that is exceptionally easy and versatile to use, for an in-the-cup quality that you would expect from Cimbali. Optional extras include Cappuccino, TurboSteam  and Milk PS systems.

S39 Barsystem is available in two versions: TurboSteam equipped with a coffee delivery spout and a TurboSteam wand; MilkPS equipped with the Cappuccino System with the MilkPS and a standard steam wand.

The machine automatically performs programmable wash cycles, only with water during working hours and with a special detergent
before the end of day. The milk circuit washing cycle is completely automatic. After the milk-circuit tube is submerged in the tray containing the detergent, the washing cycle starts, and the machine does the rest automatically.

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