How to make perfect coffee, with La Cimbali UK (part 4/5)

28 May, 2014
Cimbali UK Swirling Rosetta by Rob Ward - Coffee Art Cimbali UK

La Cimbali UK coffee expert Rob Ward presents a series of five videos explaining how to make perfect espresso with La Cimbali traditional machine!

A traditional espresso coffee machine adds a touch of theatre to any environment and becomes the natural choice for many customers where the quality of the coffee is the main priority.  Although requiring the skill of a trained barista to operate, there is no doubt that a traditional machine is capable of producing the best espresso available.

Cimbali offer a range of traditional machines which all combine impressive build quality, classic Italian styling and patented technology which all help deliver consistency across the speciality coffee menu.  Versatile and reliable under extreme working conditions, it is no wonder thatCimbali traditional machines are endorsed by some of the world’s leading baristas

Here is Part 4 – How to make perfect espresso coffee, with La Cimbali UK

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