Regular coffee consumption could keep cancer at bay, research reveals

8 July, 2016

Consuming coffee regularly could help prevent the start of certain types of cancer including; of the womb which currently totals 8,475 new cases each year in the UK, and of the liver, which totals 4,000 new cases each year. Experts have found an ’inverse relationship’ between coffee and cancer, which could mean that the World Health Organisation (WHO) will reverse its previous findings about the dangers of drinking too much coffee!

In the early nineties, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) declared that coffee drinking was a ‘possible cause for cancer’. But over the past two decades more research and studies have been carried out showing that it’s very likely that it is in fact the opposite. The WHO are now saying that there is insufficient evidence that coffee could cause cancer and they are planning a reclassification.

This ruling would be a huge boost to the UK’s multi-billion pound coffee industry. Currently, coffee is drunk by 75% of Britons, and is the most popular worldwide drink with approximately two billion cups consumed each day.

In November 2015, a study published in the Scientific Journal found that people who drunk coffee regularly had a lower risk of dying early from illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and brain conditions. The Scientists revealed that the many compounds found in coffee are now known to help lower inflammation or insulin resistance. So what was deemed for many years to be an unhealthy drink is now considered the opposite. The experts also noted that previous studies didn’t take into account the fact that coffee drinkers are likely to be smokers, drink alcohol and engage in other activities that can contribute to cancers and heart problems.

More recent research is starting to show that regular coffee drinkers might have a slightly lower mortality risk.
In 2008, it was reported that a minimum of three cups of coffee per day could reduce the risk of women developing womb cancer by up to 62%, and in 2010 researchers discovered that some of the 1,000 chemicals in coffee, including antioxidants could offer protection against some cancers.

Of course – all of this is great news, not only for the health of the nation but for the thriving coffee industry too!

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