Meet Lucie Rezacova!

5 September, 2023

What does a typical working day consist of?

I am very lucky because every working day in the sales and training team is different and that’s what I love about the job.  

Sometimes I am out on the road, visiting customers to meet the barista team and learn more about their business.

Or I might be at Cimbali HQ, delivering courses for the service team, assessing training materials, meeting new engineers and reviewing contracts, it’s a mix of things but all focused on helping the team deliver the best possible experience for Cimbali customers.

What is the best part of the day for you?

I am a problem solver and I feel especially satisfied when I complete something I haven’t done before.

I am always motivated to learn more, so I am thrilled when an opportunity comes along for further training on something new.

We have fantastic coffee knowledge and technical expertise at Cimbali and everyone is always willing to share for the benefit of the customer, so we all learn from each other which is great. It’s a real teamwork approach and everyone benefits.   

The extra knowledge is a great confidence booster as the more I know, the better I can help solve customer queries.

What sort of difference can you make to a customer’s business?

As a manufacturer, we provide full partnership support to our customers which starts during pre-sale discussions and continues throughout the life cycle of the machine and beyond.  

As part of the sales and training team, we teach customers how to maximise Cimbali technology to drive sales by delivering the best coffee going.  

Every customer is different and our starting point is a thorough understanding of the business model which we then support with bespoke barista training, coffee tasting sessions, reporting, technical advice etc., all tailored to their needs.

One tip that most operators can follow to improve their coffee

Lucie Rezacova

My top tip would be to develop a system for regular machine cleaning and stick to it!

I know it might sound obvious but it’s amazing how this is so often overlooked when the barista team are busy.

A well-maintained machine is less likely to break down and will deliver better-tasting coffee.

Customers in hard water areas need to have the correct filtration system in place as this can also impact beverage quality and machine breakdowns too.

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