Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus! or happy St David’s Day

1 March, 2018
St David's Day

Did you know that St David’s Day falls on 1 March  every year, the date of Saint David’s death in 589 AD?

The flag of St David and the national flag is flown across Wales and live parades and performances are held all over the country – not sure how the snow will affect things this year though.

Welsh cakes, lamb, mutton and leek dishes are traditional things, while kiddies often dress in traditional Welsh clothes Some people wear a leek or a daffodil, the national emblems of Wales, or by displaying the flag of St David, which features a yellow cross on a black background.

So if you are not snowed in but out celebrating today, you might find time to  enjoy a delicious freshly brewed artisan coffee from one of Wales’fab indy coffee shops.  Follow the link to check out a listing of the best coffee shops in Wales, all hand picked from the expert team at the Independent Coffee Guides.  Enjoy!

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