Maurice’s Ices doubles coffee sales in three months with Cimbali S20

7 May, 2021
Paul Field, Maurice's Ice Cream

Paul Field of Maurice’s Ice Cream, Reading partnered with Cimbali to review the way coffee was managed in the business. As a result, Paul has emerged from lockdown in a much stronger position than he was before, as he explains here:

“I am in a fantastic location in Forbury Gardens but although I knew there was money to be made, I just couldn’t get the coffee right. The previous machine was far too complicated and so staff didn’t want to use it. I was desperate because customers were actually coming back to tell us just how poor the coffee was.

Michele Cecchini from Cimbali had a genuine interest in the business and we opted for an S20 super-automatic with Turbo Steam because customers like to see the milk being steamed by hand. Now we have perfectly foamed milk every time. The machine is touch screen controlled. Staff love it because it’s so simple to use.

Since switching to Cimbali, things could not be better. Now customers return to tell me just how great the coffee is and in the 3 months since we installed the S20, we have more than doubled our coffee sales.

I really thought that this level of customer care and support was long dead. But I can honestly say that first class service is alive and kicking at Cimbali.”

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