Reasons to not give up coffee for a New Year’s Resolution!

7 January, 2016
Cimbali UK commercial coffee machines

If you are thinking about giving up coffee for one of your New Year’s Resolutions then think again! Research has shown that regular drinkers of coffee have a lower risk of sudden death, diabetes and some cancers. Coffee may also help protect the brain against Parkinson’s disease, speed up some processes that can help the body heal and even help dieters stay slim!

For a few years now experts have said that there is no need for most people to avoid coffee. When people go on a health kick they quite often decide to give up coffee, but there is plenty of evidence showing the health benefits that coffee can provide.

Regular coffee drinkers can benefit from a host of health benefits such as reduced risk of suffering from some cancers and type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes develops when the body does not make enough insulin, which is a key hormone for the conversion of sugar into energy, so the insulin they do make does not work properly.

While many pregnant women avoid coffee altogether, there is no evidence that shows that taking in up to 200mg of caffeine per day poses any harm to their unborn child. 200mg is equivalent to one strong barista made coffee, an instant cup of coffee or a cup of tea. However,

Slimmers who have a regular daily cup or two of coffee can assist their diet plans as the caffeine content seems to help the body resist the gradual weight gain that defeats so many slimmers. Other caffeine products such as soft drinks can also have the same effect.

However, coffee is not recommended for people that suffer from conditions in which a short-term increase in heart rate and blood pressure might stress the heart. Plus children should also avoid caffeine as they struggle to metabolise it and experts suggest not starting to drink it until they are in their teenage years.

However, single espressos can have as little as 50mg caffeine as the brew method is naturally lower when extracting caffeine than filter coffee.  So if you want flavour and not too much caffeine then espresso based beverages may be the answer.

All of us at La Cimbali hope you enjoy many espressos in 2015.

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