Happy New Year to all of our customers – and lots of great tasting coffee in 2015!

2 January, 2015
Cimbali UK Commercial Coffee Machines

Welcome the New Year in with a coffee this year!

There are hundreds of ways to say Happy New Year and hundreds of different types of coffee worldwide too. By simply ordering a ‘coffee’ or ‘café’ in a non-English speaking country, you won’t always get the drink that you’re expecting! To save you from coffee disaster, and learn to how to say New Year in a different language we list the most popular varieties of coffee in 5 cities.

Lisbon, Portugal – ‘Feliz Ano Novo!’ In Lisbon, two popular coffees are a Pingado, which is a short espresso with just a drop or two of (often unheated) milk, and an Uma bica, which is so strong that the locals advise that it should be drunk with sugar!

Prague, Czechoslovakia Stastny Novy Rok!’ To keep in with the locals when in Prague…. try a Preso s mlékem – which is a long espresso with cold or steamed milk (usually served on the side) or a Videnská káva, which is also a long espresso but served in a tall glass with lots of whipped cream on top.

Budapest, Hungary – ‘Boldog uj evet!’ There are many different coffees enjoyed by Hungarians, with their three favourites being; Fekete kávé, an extremely strong black coffee which is also used for single espresso, Tejes kávé, single espresso with steamed milk and Hosszu kávé, which is espresso with hot water added.

Mexico City, Mexico – ‘Feliz año Nuevo!’ Mexico City which is the largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere and largest Spanish speaking city in the world certainly has plenty of great coffees to choose from. Café de olla is a filter coffee brewed in a tall clay pot or urn, often with cinnamon and cane sugar, but the most popular drink that will be familiar to most is Café con leche – simply filter coffee with steamed milk.

Rome, Italy – ‘Felice Anno Nuovo or Buon anno!’ Italy, the home of La Cimbali Gruppo, produces some of the best coffees in the world today with endless choices. The most famous are; Caffè Americano, which is simply espresso with hot water added, Latte macchiato, which is a cup of steamed milk with a splash of espresso and Caffè which is a single espresso.

The La Cimbali UK team would like to wish all of their customers a very happy and coffee filled 2015!

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