Conserving the natural resources of our planet

10 October, 2018

With environmental concerns a top priority around the globe, we are pleased to report that our attitude to energy saving and respect for our planet are fundamental to the way we work. 

Everything we manufacture is produced using only recyclable materials and eco-compatible plastics, and all the machinery and installations are cleaned using ecological detergents specially developed for La Cimbali. 

La Cimbali structures and installations are carefully designed to optimise production within a regime of energy efficiency and reduced consumption. Our Binasco factory, for example, operates a solar energy system to handle its energy needs.

Energy saving is also a key theme in product development: insulated boilers to minimise heat loss, independent group heads and smart boilers for enhanced energy efficiency, standby options, the use of low-energy LEDs and adjustable-temperature cup warmers are just some of the features we have introduced to reduce the environmental impact of products and installations.

We are pleased to be playing a part in conserving the natural resources of our planet.

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