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8 April, 2013

London Coffee Festival 2013
Trade Day Experience – preview 

La Cimbali, the world’s largest manufacturer of espresso and cappuccino machines, is proud to be returning to the Old Truman Brewery as a lead partner to the London Coffee Festival for the third consecutive year.

And what a treat awaits coffee aficionados in 2013 ……

L’Accademia di Cimbali

The Gruppo Cimbali MUMAC Museum Milan, which was built to mark the company’s centenary last year, is a 1500 sq m homage to Italy’s passion for the traditional espresso. Over 200 coffee machines and 15,000 archive documents telling the production, cultural and design history of coffee equipment from 1912-2012 are on show in the museum for the general public to enjoy.

“Drawing on its rich heritage, La Cimbali will bring a little bit of the MUMAC vibe to the London Coffee Festival by showcasing equipment from different decades and brewing coffee in the style of that era.” Says Matthew Tuffee, UK Sales and marketing manager at Cimbali.

La Cimbali was one of the early pioneers of the traditional espresso machine and it is still at the forefront of innovation today.  In 2013, get ready for another technological advancement – the M100 centenary edition, where science meets espresso, created for the fourth wave espresso movement.  “Can’t say too much about it now, you’ve just got to come along to the Festival for the big reveal!” Says Matthew.

The M100 will be set with different profiles to replicate the espresso available through the years . So just imagine for a moment that it’s 1960 and you are Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita, or perhaps you fancy yourself as Paul McCartney performing in the coffee bars of the swinging ‘sixties,  what exactly would your coffee have tasted like?  Now’s your chance to find out……

In association with the renowned coffee creative DunneFrankowski, Cimbali will also be developing its very own blend of coffee exclusively for the show.  The Barista Bar will be serving coffee all day in return for a small donation, with all proceeds going to Project Waterfall, the Festival’s chosen charity.

Lab Sessions

The LAB Sessions will be run by Professor Jonathan Morris from the University of Hertfordshire, the highly regarded historian of contemporary consumer society well known for his particular expertise in the history of coffee and modern Italy.

The real coffee enthusiasts will know Professor Morris from ‘The Cappuccino Conquests: A Transnational History of Italian Coffee’, a project which traced the history of Italian style coffee drinks from the evolution of espresso in Italy through to the global popularity of cappuccino and caffè latte.

The professor will talk about the history of espresso machines and beverages from the 1900s through to present day, from both a technological and cultural perspective. In advance of his new book Coffee: A Handbook, this is a special opportunity to share his expert knowledge. Not to be missed!


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