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6 March, 2014
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When you’re thirsty and reach for that can of fizzy drink or glass of fruit juice, have you ever wondered how much sugar is in it?

There has been lots of talk this week that the Government are looking to introduce a ‘sugar tax’ on sugar-loaded food and drinks, which may increase costs of these products by up to 20%. They are hoping that this will start to tackle the country’s obesity epidemic and health related issues.

In the UK, the average person consumes 12 teaspoons of sugar each day with some adults consuming as much as 46! With 1 teaspoon amounting to approximately 5 grams of sugar, every time you drink a can of fizzy pop or glass of fruit juice you could be consuming up to 35 grams or 7 teaspoons alone!

Picking coffee as an alternative beverage is a healthy low, or no calorie option if you stick to black coffee or a straight espresso. It’s the milk and sugar that is added to sweeten it up that increases the calories.

By drinking coffee, you won’t just save on calories and cost, but you will also be helping to reduce your future risk of suffering from diabetes, heart disease and cancer too.

Coffee + water = virtually calorie free

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