Expect the unexpected at Hotelympia

18 February, 2018
Hotelympia 2018

Kieran Power, coffee taster and innovator at Lincoln & York, the coffee sourcing, roasting and packing specialist, tells us about two new blends that have been created for La Cimbali for the upcoming Hotelympia 2018. 

“We have come up with two unique speciality blends for La Cimbali both of which feed the current trend for lighter roasts with more complex flavours that work both black and in milk,” explains Kieran.

Blend one combines a red honey processed Costa RicaLincoln & York from Las Lajas Micromill with a natural Brazil from Beneficio Pedra Branca. Served black, the body is smooth and creamy with milk chocolate and toffee sweetness. In milk you’ll find butterscotch, shortbread and brown sugar.

The second blend brings together three distinct coffees; a Colombia Totoro provides an incredibly sweet base, complimented by a bright and juicy Kenya Lincoln & YorkKathakwa. Finally, a naturally processed Rwanda Gatare lends a full body and intense tropical fruit hit. Served black, expect bubble-gum sweetness, ripe mango and a luxuriously creamy mouthfeel. With milk, look out for liquorice, strawberry ice cream and cane sugar. 

“Cimbali are going to have a lot of fun running these coffees through the M100, when they can really get creative and use the pressure profiling system to highlight the varying flavour characteristics and aromas of these complex blends,” explains Kieran.

The M100 will be set up with La Cimbali’s new PGS enabled Elective grinder-doser which will demo the precision offered by the technology and ability to deliver consistent in cup quality. 

“Coffee enthusiasts will also enjoy sampling something a little different as the blends have been created specifically for La Cimbali and are not routinely available to the market.” 



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