Milki Mix frothed cold milk desserts will WOW!

1 June, 2018
Milki Mix

The team at the Gruppo Cimbali MUMAC Academy together with Athenauem, the training division of gelato specialist, Comprital have created a collection of the most fabulous Milki Mix desserts using a base of espresso and frothed cold milk.  

Using La Cimbali’s M100i traditional machine with Turbomilk to prepare the espresso and milk, each  creation is combined with Comprital toppings, fruit pieces, biscuits, sauces and flavourings to create, delicious, refined and authentic taste experiences.   

The Milki Mix recipe book contains 14 recipes with names such as Mojito Cafe, Cherry Bomb, American Dream and Exotic Passion to tantalise the taste buds.  WOW,  these are incredible!

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